From the teacher file: beauty and diamonds

Sometimes after Parent-Teacher conferences I am stuck with two thoughts.

How do they manage to lift up that hand, let alone drive here with that enormous diamond sitting on that finger? I wanted to offer to take it off her when she reached for a pen to write some note, but in the end she managed to lift her hand and throw the glint of the diamond straight into my eye.

Arab women, on the whole, do not age well. The daughter is gorgeous, thin, sparking eyes and a full head of carefully blow dried shiny hair. Skin glows, teeth are white and they walk with the lightness of angels. Then I meet the mothers. It is hard to imagine that these women were once as light, carefree and delightful to look at as their teen daughters. Now they have pockmarked bloated skin, a head scarf pulled too tight under the chin and the weight of 4 pregnancies hanging around under their Abayas. Where did that lovely girl go?

No wonder they need the diamonds to shine.