by anonymous

You will hear this word said over and over again here. Sometimes it genuinely means: If God wills it. Other times it means, well, we will see if I feel like it. Either way it is said a hundred times a day, by everybody.

Will I get your home work tomorrow Khalid? Inshalla. To which I reply: ” I think Allah has plenty to do without worrying about your homework, Khalid. Let’s just leave that in your good hands and make sure you bring it in tomorrow.”

Have a wonderful wedding! Inshalla! Yes, in this case, holding some hope in the Fates might be a good idea. Considering all that could go wrong: Palm tree falling on tent, cake collapsing, male guests seeing the female guests ( weddings are separate here- another post.), someone parking diagonally over two places consequently leaving insufficient parking space, bride having a make-up mishap: Yes, hoping for the good will of divine intervention might be prudent.

But when I ask if my water will be reconnected soon and the answer is Inshalla I feel a bit nervous.

When I ask if we will get paid this Thursday or the supermarket will restock vanilla essence any time soon or the Internet speed will go back to “normal” and I hear Inshalla, I feel nervous.

I worry that if we remove consequence and personal responsibility even infinitesimally, the whole kit and kaboodle might just collapse. Because where I live there is no personal resopnsibility or consequence for any thing going wrong. NO ONE gets fired, NO ONE gets expelled, NO ONE fails high school.

You want to get into a good university, get a decent job and buy a porche?

Insha Allah